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What are the Colors of the Spectrum Initiatives?

The mission of Colors of the Spectrum is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults on the Autism Spectrum.  




Implementing a program focused on assisting individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and their caretakers, to find the necessary support and resources needed to enhance their lives.

We intend on doing this by introducing the following pieces with the goal of providing a brighter future.  

  • Love - we believe through love you can conquer all; this will help erase stigmas associated with Autism

  • Acceptance – educate others on the traits and behaviors of those on the spectrum, with the intent of bringing awareness and reinforcing acceptance            

  • Community - hosting events that will bring awareness to Autism

  • Resources - introduce various professionals that will assist in helping each individual and their family meet their social, educational, and emotional goals



Our first initiative is to act as a liaison between parents/caretakers and service providers by introducing relationships.



Our second initiative is to help parents/caretakers become strong advocates for their loved on the autism spectrum. This will be done by providing parents/caretakers with necessary information that will educate them in the different processes associated with Autism.  For example, but not limited to, the IEP and PPT processes.



Our third initiative is to create a voucher program that will help assist parents/caretakers that are in need of assistance pay for referred services. 

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